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Filmmaking is geeky. Even the coolest celebrities are really geeks. I always wanted to be a cool rock star, now somehow I'm aspiring to be a geek too. Really kind of weird to realize I'm in art school. Feels good though, because thankfully I can dress comfortably and say whatever the fuck I feel like. And it's really ok to just completely ignore what finance people say about anything, they know not what they do.

I especially love to punish liars with the truth, it's a thrill and a sport. That's part of why I do this. The better reason though is because people just really know very little, myself included. There's gaping unexplored tracts of knowledge out there, just aching to be touched.

The best thing I've ever learned is there are many better and smarter people than me. So the pressure's off, I can just be myself and defer to the better people when I need.

Every year that goes by I realize how I was such an idiot in the past. And every year I get stronger, but I realize more weaknesses.

I love food, mostly what average people eat, from different cultures. Honestly, the best fancy food in NYC, you try it, it's good, but who really gives a shit. I forget it in a day. And Korean food would save this country billions in health care (for all you thinking about dog, go fuck your dog). American food is damn greasy.

I love music, mostly alternative, now reggae, though I often don't keep track of what it is I'm listening to. Used to hate modern pop, now I don't mind it, but it sucks because rarely do I go out to a place and hear music that can truly inspire me to dance. Makes me look like a square, even though I'm actually always hoping for a real excuse to go nuts.

I believe in God and destiny, but I don't think I'm religious. I like having my own relationship with the higher power, I don't like people telling me what that should be, especially when they usually have their own issues. But I do know a lot of good deeds come from religion that would not have a chance otherwise, so I think it's really up to you.

I'm nice to nice people, and I'm a dick to dicks. Love it that way. Though I love Cali, where in college I enjoyed basking under the yellow sun, maybe I'm still a New Yorker at heart.

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