David Yung Ho Kim


David Yung Ho Kim




New York, NY


Law School Student (3L)

Own Words

Born and raised in the States, I definitely consider myself American, an American packed with love for anything Korean . . . minus Kim Jongil, nagging parents, and a few others . . . Of course! I love my parents, but man, Korean parents are so hard to please.

Most Caucasian Americans aren't satisfied when I say that I'm "American". Instead, they expect (or maybe event want) me to say that I'm "Chinese", "Korean", or at least "Korean-American". Eh, I shrug my shoulders, and say, "If you insist, I'm Korean American w/o the hyphen then."

Although I'm a pretty optimistic and hopeful guy, I doubt that there will ever be a time and age devoid of hateful bias and discrimination, be it racial, religious, and etc.. Yes, we can always strive for such a time, but eh, it'll never happen. No matter how hard we try, we'll always have preconceived notions and biases already formed or influenced by how we grew up (ex, parents, community norms, religion, etc). But that doesn't mean we should stop to eradicate hate and discrimination. Instead, we should keep at it w/ more force.

Life isn't just about achieving and succeeding. It's not about competing and winning. Life is bigger than all of that. It's about finding something you love and using that to help mankind. Haha, I may sound like someone from the 60s, but really. We try so hard to get to a certain point, and once we get there, we soon find that we're still unhappy, still incomplete. So what is it? What is that thing that will fulfill you? If it really is money, then go at it, but I assure you that you'll come to a dead end. For me, it's glorifying God and using my talents (leadership and the arts) to help others and mankind.

Eh, I'm running out of time because class just ended. But if you must, I'm always available to chat. Now signing off. Cheers.

- DK, Future Actor and Politician

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