Scott Hwang


Scott Hwang




Beaver Falls, PA


Resident Director/ College Administrator

Own Words

I grew up in as a first generation Korean American in South Pasadena, California. I grew up in the one of the most diverse places in the world and was influenced by different cultures, worldviews and my somewhat progressive/traditional Korean parents. The more I reflect I realize that my parents are very progressive in the way they raised me, but at the same time raised me in with traditional Korean values that they were raised with.

In High School I became a jock but still played the piano and sang in choir. I didn't focus on academics and my parents pushed me to the point of where I just wanted to get the heck away from them. This clash of cultures led me to a small Christian College in Boston. I grew so much there in my faith, my maturity and my appreciation for my parents. I ended up moving to Virginia doing an internship program which led me to my first college Administration job at a small Christian College in Georgia. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Higher Education and working as a Resident Director outside of Pittsburgh.

My parents have allowed me to pursue a vocation that I am called to and love. I've lived in the West Coast, the East Coast, the South and close to the Mid West. God has allowed me to experience all these different places and become connected with so many awesome people.

After the Virginia Tech shootings my heart just broke for Korean American students and it is my goal once I get my Masters to pursue a job where I can minister and give hope to Korean college students who are struggling with their identity and the clash of cultures that I experienced.

I am Korean American.

To those who are struggling, don't give up! We are a special breed and come from a very proud tradition. You were born for a reason and if it takes a lifetime to figure it out so be it. You're living and representing even if you don't think you are.

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