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Jane K. Chun




Washington, D.C. & Northern Virginia (NOVA)


Web Editor and Freelance Photographer

Own Words

(Yep, that's me pretending to contemplate. As if!) Incase you're wondering, my middle initial K stands for nothing. The doctors asked my parents what my middle name would be but since my parents couldn't think of one at the time, the doctor just asked them to give him an itial for the time being. So my parents said K and never came around to giving me a middle name. I only found this out when I found my birth certificate. But Jane was named after the book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. My parents read the book (in Korean of course) and hoped that I would inherit her traits. Too bad suckas!

I spent the first eight years of my life in the southern part of New Jersey, 20 minutes away from Atlantic City. I was the only non-white kid who got beat up by girls and had to resort to playing ninja turtles with boys (and they say kids are innocent). Bored and restless from my dad's taxi job, he moved all of us to the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. At least that's what I tell people because people outside of (northern) Virginia thinks of VA as the country but that's not true. Since 2000, there are more than 50,000 Koreans in Virginia and 1,100 in D.C. It's pretty diverse if you take a stroll in my hood.

Even though I grew up with Koreans and other ethnic neighbors, I still didn't feel like I fit in. I spent my life growing up as a former rebel to my parents (yelling and refusing to take care of my brother who has down syndrome), being agnostic to my Christian friends (some whom I became friends with later), a bitter ex-girlfriend (once squirting bbq sauce on an ex's 350Z) and an average student at best.

Of course I grew up. I graduated college (I spent one summer semester at Chosun University in Gwangju, South Korea in '02), I visit my family more often despite the crazies up in my parents' house and I channeled my energy through some spoken word poetry (sometimes performing in the worst part of D.C.). I'm also a passionate Christian and a freelance photographer and girlfriend of one of the greatest guys in this world. People find it surprising that my boyfriend is Korean-American. Since I'm a tad more articulate than most people, everyone assumes I'm only into white guys. Maybe it's a Korean NOVA (northern Virginia) mindset but I prove that not every Korean-American says: "Oh really? Noooo waaaay!Duuude, you know like, etc." Some of my best friends are Korean-American too, not that it matters. I just make sure to surround myself with positivity at all times. Of course when working my full time job at the government, you can't help but read up on the news and then share it ! with your friends after work as you stand with them in the cold during the DC Annual Drag Queen High Heel Race in Dupont Circle or something like that. To read more about my shenanigans, you can find me at janekchun.wordpress.com.

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