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25 Random and Not-So-Random Facts:

1. I am korean-american.
2. I am a twin.
3. My name is Brian because I was born second. My parents didn’t have English names picked out for me and my brother so the nurse just labeled us Baby A and Baby B… from which you get Andrew and Brian. On a side note, we don’t know if we’re identical or fraternal… some people are convinced we’re fraternal, some are convinced we’re identical.. we would have to get a blood test done to know for sure.
4. One of my favorite quotes is from Martin Luther King Jr., “I submit to you that if a man hasn't discovered something he will die for, he isn't fit to live.”
5. I am a connoisseur of random facts and useless talents.
6. I lead worship at a charismatic church that meets in a bar ( in Seoul.
7. I could never write more than a couple entries in a blog without getting bored.
8. I love ping pong and volleyball way too much.
9. I grew up in a mostly jewish town in NY. The inventor of facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is actually from my hometown and I used to be on the tennis team with him (he wasn’t very good) before he transferred to a private school. He’s also probably the first mutli-billionaire from my town (Jesse McCartney is also from my town, but he’s probably still only in the millions).
10. I’ve taught ms/hs math at an international school in seoul for the last 2 years.
11. I told my students that if you translated the words in each sentence Optimus Prime says in Transformers into binary code and added them up, it would add up to a prime number. They believed me.
12. I am blessed.
13. My group of friends in high school consisted of an Indian kid, Jewish kid, Hispanic kid, African American kid, and a white kid.
14. The first thing I do when I go back to NY is eat chicken and rice from 53rd and 6th.
15. I don’t pay taxes because I work overseas. Booyah overseas tax exemption!
16. I was a civil engineering major for 2 years before switching over to and graduating with a degree in ethnic studies: asian american studies.
17. I graduated on a wednesday in NY. I started work in Korea the following monday.
18. I played korean traditional drums for columbia’s Korean drum troupe: hoheup.
19. My korean has barely gotten better, despite having been in korea for the last 2 years.
20. My mom is hilarious and gives me random pictures to photoshop so she can post them on a website that she runs with all the ajujmas at our homechurch.
21. My nose is slightly crooked. When I was in high school I got hit during a volleyball practice and knocked to the floor. I didn’t notice until a few months later that it was crooked.. and now whenever my mom looks at me, she tells me to get plastic surgery.
22. I can spin almost anything. Our couch cushions back at home all had holes in the middle where me and my brother used to spin them. I can also spin my tennis rackets.
23. I am the master of Mario Kart 64, specifically at Mario Raceway. When I was in 8th grade I entered into a contest for Nintendo Power magazine and won a golden controller… it was just gold-colored… but it was one of the original 1000 golden controllers ever made! I lost it sometime during high school…
24. I am a nerd at heart.
25. I am loved and nobody can take that away from me.

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