Indy Hong


Indy Hong


almost 6 months


San Diego, California


hunter of small mammals, defender of backyard freedom

Own Words

My name is Indy, and I am Korean American.

My grandpa was a show champion in Korea, and my dad guards a seminary school in Mexico. He's red (tan). I was born in San Diego.

My mom is black with brown spots around the eyes and a white chest. I'm kind of a funky mix of colors. My 10 siblings and half-siblings are spread throughout Mexico, guarding orphanages, churches and villages. All my siblings have a weird black spot on our tails. Some of them have even tangled with mountain lions and coyotes in Chiapas. My dad used to fight neighborhood Chows and mutts.

I mostly fight the garden hose, and have trouble controlling my happy-peeing. I enjoy eating raw meat and raw eggs when I can get it. I'm a big fan of pork ears.

My ancestors come from the Korean island of Jin (and therefore, we're called Jin-Do dogs - dogs from the Do, or island, of Jin). They're known to be very athletic, great hunters, and extremely loyal. We almost got wiped out in the early 20th century, first by the Japanese, then by the Korean War. But we're doing okay now.

I caught a mouse on Sunday. That was cool. I've heard whispers that something called "neutering" is a possibility in the near future and am a little nervous. I'm not a fan of the vet. But I recently got my rabies shot and am now certified to bite people. And I hate hair dryers. Sometimes I sneak a swim at the community pool, and then sneak out quickly with my owner so my family doesn't get in trouble.

There's a big piece of state property behind a freeway by my house. I love running off-leash through the fields. All dogs should get to run free now and then.

That's all, really. No blog or youtube channel to promote. But if you have a Jindo like me, please take care of them. Sometimes we need a little discipline and a generous amount of exercise or we can get a little crazy. But so do other Koreans. And it's really sad to see a Korean National Treasure (#53!) end up at local pounds, usually misclassified as "Akita" or "Chow." The good news is that while those other breeds are usually banned from most apartment complexes; since most people don't know what we are, we're usually allowed. Hehe.

We're clean, punctual, obedient and protective. We can tell who's nice and who's not. We're patient with kids and playful with friends. We can also do your taxes and take out the trash.

One day, I hope to spawn good-looking pups of my own, so I can take over the world. All other dogs will bow before me and join my revolution. Cats, and dogs that fit into handbags, will be exiled to Canada, along with their owners. And I will be merciful to Korean Americans for the affection they have shown me, so long as they keep the kalbi leftovers coming.


"We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment." - George Eliot

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