Helen Jinkyung Lee


Helen Jinkyung Lee




Irvine, California


Managing Director

Own Words

I am not too sure whether I can call myself a Korean-American and here my story goes...

I was born in Seoul, Korea and I lived in Seoul until my age of 12. Then my family started moving to overseas and I had special opportunities spending my teenage years in Pakistan and India.

I always dreamed of becoming a medical doctor and and joining the NGOs for helping people in those countries I grew up but I believe God had a different plan in my life so instead of going to medical school, I studied International Studies in undergraduate and currently pursuing my career in business management.

Those precious years my family spent in Pakistan will be quite unforgettable from such a diverse experience & memories of learning a new culture, language, food, people, and just many more that we embedded our lives in different classes of society and i am truly thankful for that opportunity.

After graduating from Lahore American School(International School in Lahore, Pakistan), I moved to the States to attend an university in 1996. I moved to California in 1998 and since then I have been enjoying my life in Southern California with my family.

I guess I should be called a Korean-Pakistani-American woman for now... I want to continue leave my life to the fullest and do my best. I often imagine how I would be like in my 60s and I dream of myself with my husband actively volunteering for NGOs and be a influential individual where ever I am...

I just returned from my business trip to China and I love my job of traveling around the country and to Asia many times a year.... I love it!!!

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