Hannah Kang


Hannah Kang




Atlanta, GA


General Manager Grand Hustle, LLC, Partner musicbusinesspolitics.com

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Hi everyone...

I can say I have led a strange, awesome, sad, happy, roller coaster on my journey called life, and one major factor that defines me through it all is that I am Korean.

I am a southern-Korean American gal born and raised in Decatur, Georgia in a predominately black neighborhood. When I walked out of my house I was in Georgia and when I walked back in I was in Korea. lol I am sure many of you can relate. My parents definitely instilled Korean moral, discipline, culture and, of course, diet that I have grown to appreciate and I am now quite proud of. Don't get me wrong I was once totally embarrassed of my "loud" "Korenglish"-speaking mom begging her to "speak English" in public. I also hated all the Korean "chores".. like helping her make kim chee, going to Korean school, taking fan dancing and Tae Kwon Do (and let's be real, us girls had way more chores than the boys!! <--hate that LOL) All the things that none of my American friends had to partake in.. I grew up with the majority of my friends being black and listening to all things R&B and Hip Hop. Even now I definitely identify with Blacks more than I do Korean (hopefully my Korean network will expand and get better ;)) --> There's a lot more to this story but that's the short fast forward version...

I look back on my childhood and know that those factors played major roles on who I am, where I am at, and where I hope to go...

I am currently the General Manager of Grand Hustle, LLC., Grammy-award winning rapper and actor T.I.'s label which houses: T.I., Young Dro, Killer Mike, B.O.B., 8Ball MJG, Big Kuntry and many other acts. I handle multiple duties from marketing, day to day managements, expenses, budgets, payroll, a&r, sponsorships and events. In addition to Grand Hustle, I am also a partner in an event planning and marketing firm called Musicbusinesspolitics LLC, our client roster have included/include: T.I., Keri Hilson, Nelly, Usher, Deon Grant, Clinton Portis, Amar'e Stoudemire, ATlantic Records, Sony and many others. Prior to working at Grand Hustle I worked at an ad agency handling the entertainment segment for Remy Martin and worked at Hitco music publishing (La Reid's Publishing company)

I have had a lot of accomplishments but I am eager to learn more about "the meaning of life," so to speak, and I feel that getting closer to my culture is a perfect way to start, which is why I decided to post.

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