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I'm KOREAN american.

I can read Korean with no problem. I can speak Korean slang (and bad words privately) with absolute confidence. I write Korean beautifully (if I say so).

I have to stop reading The New Yorker when English starts to dance and hurts my eyes. I can speak English with lots of "You know what I mean, Right?" And I write perfect Konglish.

Then, I'm korean AMERICAN.

I often save myself from questions related to Korean history saying "That's interesting, let's find out!" and hurry to google. And I would shout out "That's just a Korean thing!" whenever husband demands explanations about my neurotic behaviors. I'm not a huge fan of Korean style there's-no-tomorrow-drinking
gathering. The self-serving, convenient 'American' individualism becomes handy for those moments.

But I'm well-balanced KOREAN AMERICAN when I'm eating pasta with Kimchi sauce or enjoying cheese kimbap. Maybe that's why I'm keeping my Konglish food adventure blog (www.jinhwafication.com)? Can this be a meaningful journey to find my inner genuine Korean American-ism? This sounds like a next American Journal of Psychology item; 'Food blog can help to find one's true identity?'

...I might be just a racist. I'm known for brainwashing my husband with total unscientific theories on Chinese or Japanese. But I always do that with some civility and dignity, and of course with that superior, proud Korean-ish smile. (He just laughs at those unique theories as if he is watching Saturday Night Show, which challenges me to develop them further.)

Now, I completely understand if you, Korean American, are ashamed of me being one of you, Korean American. If it really bothers you, you can sue my parents, I guess.

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